Our mission at GymnastEx (Gymnastics-Experts) is to provide an on going commitment to excellence in safe and quality gymnastics instruction at competitive and recreational levels, with a new approach of Gymnastics combo classes combining three different Gymnastics disciplines in one session
 ( Rhythmic Gymnastics - Acrobatic Gymnastics and Sports Aerobics )
we also provide quality Coaching  Educational Gymnastics with a focus upon the development of athletic ability, individual character, family involvement,
and community spirit. We have been very selective in choosing our coaches to give a professional and quality training.



·          Learning and fitness through enjoyment and participation.

·         The opportunity to develop a sense of personal self-esteem.

·       Progression through competitive levels

·       Development and accomplishment of new and more advanced skills.

·       Opportunity and encouragement to participate at a level of competition .

·         Training to develop competitors in National and International levels.

·        Enhancement of life skills in areas such as self-discipline, goal setting .





·         Confidence.

·         Compassion.

·         Commitment, desire and drive.

·         Dedication, responsibility and a positive work ethic.

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